Therese M. Pellejo

Therese M. Pellejo

Therese M. Pellejo


Therese M. Pellejo MSc., RPSY, RPM

Meet Therese M. Pellejo, an experienced and dedicated psychotherapist and college instructor with over 9 years of comprehensive work experience. Three of those years were spent in the online clinical setting, catering to both international and local clients. Therese is adept at assessing client conditions, maintaining progress records, creating treatment plans, and recommending effective coping tools.

Education and Achievements

Therese earned her degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Adamson University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in March 2014. She then successfully passed the first Licensure Examination for Psychometricians in November of the same year.

Continuing her academic journey, Therese graduated with a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos in April 2018. She acquired her second license as a Psychologist in December 2019.

Professional Experience

Currently associated with iPsych Philippines Inc., Therese serves as a consultant psychologist. Her approach to psychotherapy revolves around Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Somatic, Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), and occasionally Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Teaching and Knowledge Sharing

As a committed life-long learner, Therese is also an educator who loves sharing her knowledge in the field. Whether through her classes, seminars, or training sessions, she strives to contribute to the growth and understanding of others in the field of psychology.

Conditions we treat

At iPsych , we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate mental health care, addressing a wide range of conditions to support our clients on their journey to well-being. Our team of experienced and empathetic mental health professionals specializes in treating diverse mental health challenges, including anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders, trauma-related conditions, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and more.


Bipolar:  Mood rollercoaster with intense highs (mania) and lows (depression). Requires tailored treatment for stability.

Depression: Persistent sadness, fatigue, and loss of interest. Treatable with therapy, medication, and support.

Anxiety: Overwhelming worry, restlessness, and tension. Manageable with therapy, coping strategies, and support.

Couples Counseling: Strengthen relationships, improve communication. Guided sessions foster understanding and connection.

Grief & Loss: Navigate emotional pain. Counseling supports healing, coping with loss, and finding resilience.




OCD: Intrusive thoughts, compulsive behaviors. Treatable with therapy, medication. Restoring balance for a calmer life.




What Our Patients Say?

I'm glad that I made the right choice by choosing iPysch, Inc. The iPsych team is very professional in their work; they make sure that their clients are receiving a high level of care and support. It's so easy to make an appointment and/or to reschedule your session too. They're so nice and considerate. Dr. Kathyrn Tan is the best doctor I've ever had, and I am eternally grateful for her being my support system. I feel safe with her; she gives me hope, and I'm really glad to have her as my psychiatrist. Taking care of mental health is a lifelong, day-to-day journey. It just feels great to have the right doctor, the right diagnosis, and the right medications. I highly recommend seeking their excellent service. It is beyond a 5-star rating.

Mary (Google Review)

Very friendly and professional service. Also, a great modern building with contemporary clean toilets

Sergei (Google Review)

Very sincere and professional service.

Boon-Kah (Google Review)

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